Rex's Indoor Range is a full service Class 3 firearms dealer, store, and indoor range. In addition to firearms, ammunition, scopes, and accessories, Rex's is a Liberty Safe Dealer.
Rex's is also the only indoor gun range in Hendersonville, NC or within 25 miles.

We offer a variety of classes, including the NC Concealed Handgun Permit course, and one on one instruction. 

The range is 25 yards and was designed to handle pistol, rifle, and shotguns (buckshot and slugs only). It has great air filtration and bright lighting.

There is no membership fee to shoot at Rex's Indoor Range, and we charge by the lane and not by the number of participants. We have a great selection of range pistols and rifles for rental.

Don't hesitate to call us or stop by, we know we can help you find anything you are looking for!
Thank you for your patronage!

Our Story

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